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Situated behind Piazza Navona, in the fabulous comfort of a 17th century palazzo, we invite you to take a cooking class in Rome.

You will be welcomed to our cooking school with some Italian hospitality: a glass of prosecco and some delicious antipasti. The english speaking chef will teach you how to make fresh pasta, gelato, irresitable pizza or whatever you choose!

A fantastic experience for kids while in Rome. We offer kids classes where adults can join in or take the oppertunity to relax in the 17th century dining room with a glass of wine.

We are passionate about Italian food and we encourage you to start the class with a market visit to Campo de´ Fiori choosing fresh fruit and vegetables and soaking up the atmosphere of a legendary Roman market!

Choose from the menu:

Pasta Making and Tiramisù Class (+ Plus Market Shopping)

  • Tipology: Private tour
  • Duration: 3 hours approx
  • Starting time: According to reservation.
  • Operating Days: Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;

This unique class will teach you how to cook like “nonna”, every Italian grandmother!

Learn to cook classic Italian pasta and tiramisù just like ‘Nonna’. If you like, this class can begin at the local market choosing fresh produce with the chef. What you cook will depend on what is available at the market. Think pumpkin ravioli in the autumn or fresh tomato sauce in the summer.

Back at the cooking school, each student will have their own space to work. The chef will guide you through making, and rolling, the pasta dough, all the while enjoy a glass of wine and some Italian antipasti.

The classic Italian dessert Tiramisù may be comprised of a few ingredients but making an excellent one is difficult. There are secrets! The chef will share with you his families’ recipe. No Italian meal is complete without this rich sumptuous dessert of mascarpone and coffee to follow.

A class suggested for the early afternoon, as you can enjoy pasta and Tiramisù as a sumptuous lunch, in the schools gorgeous setting. We recommend this class to families and to people who want to have fun and relax in-between sightseeing in Rome.

This cooking class is an excellent way to unwind after one of our early morning classic tours of the Vatican or ancient Rome.

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Pizza Making and Gelato Class

  • Tipology: Private tour
  • Duration: 3 hours approx
  • Starting time: According to reservation.
  • Included: Professional chef, drinks and appetizers, all necessary pizza materials!
  • Operating Days: Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;
  • Meeting Point: Hotel

We call it ´Young Pizza Maker´ and it is a chance for your children to experience making real Italian pizza in Rome. Pizza differs from around Italy, ...

A class kids love as they become little pizza makers for the day. Channel your inner ‘pizzaiolo’: the official name for pizza makers.  

Pizza was created in Naples but Romans argue their pizza is better! Discover why in our pizza class.

With our English-speaking chef, a master of pizza, you will learn the secrets to kneading the perfect pizza dough. You will be able to go home and show of to your friends your new pizza making ability. It only gets better when it is time to start choosing toppings. We have the best fresh ingredients ready for you to adorn your pizzas with: from salty anchovies to some real parma ham.

The class will be set in a fabulous 17th century palazzo a few steps from Piazza Navona. As we host you in classic Italian style, we will serve you drinks and local specialties. While the pizza is cooking, the chef will show you how to make classic Italian gelato.

When you simply cannot wait any longer, it is time for the whole class to come together and eat pizza and gelato in the 17th century dining framed with original frescoes. Buon Appetito!

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Gelato Making Class

  • Tipology: Private tour
  • Starting time: according to reservation
  • Included: English speaking chef, drinks and appetizers, all necessary gelato materials!
  • Operating Days: Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;
  • Meeting Point: To be advised

After a spin through Rome’s ancient piazzas and cobblestone streets, turn your attention to another of Rome’s wonders: gelato. We offer the unique opportunity to become a true Italian gelato maker for the day. Children love this fun class as families get together to make authentic Italian gelato in the heart of the Eternal city.

We will welcome you into our cooking school, set within a historical 17th century building, moments from Piazza Navona. The hands-on class includes an English-speaking chef who will assist you to make perfect gelato from scratch. The best part is trying your handmade gelato! Much more fun and personal than visiting a gelateria!

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Cooking Class in Rome

  • Tipology: Private tour
  • Duration: half day
  • Starting time: According to reservation.
  • Included: Market shopping, professional chef, ingredients and all neccessary equipment to make a fantastic meal!
  • Operating Days: Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;
  • Meeting Point: To be advised.

If you love Italian food, learn to cook with Italians! An Italian chef teaches you to make a traditional Italian meal with your friends and family.

The class begins as it does for any Italian cook: at the market choosing fresh and seasonal food. The chef will be with you helping to choose the best ingredients.

Produce in hand, head back to the school and start cooking! The chef will teach you to make an elegant Italian dinner with a ‘Primi piatti’ a pasta dish, a ‘Secondi piatti’ a main course, a ‘Contorni’ side dish and a delectable ‘dolce’, the sweet course.

Once the food is prepared it is time to sit down and relax with a glass of Italian wine to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the 17th century dining room. A lovely way to spend a morning in Rome.

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Eating with Locals

  • Duration: An evening or lunch
  • Starting time: According to reservation.
  • Meeting Point: to be advised

The best way to taste authentic local food, and meet locals, is to enjoy a home cooked meal. Our Eating with Locals experience is a chance to do just this. We invite locals to cook dinner or lunch using regional ingredients.

The cuisine of Rome, ‘cucina romana’, is dedicated to showing of the fruitful offerings of the Romana Campagna area such as artichokes, zucchini, mushrooms, watermelon and much more.

Likewise, an Eating with Locals experience is a chance for us to show of the food and cooking of Italy. Get together with food loving locals for a comfortable and intimate dinner. A taste of local flavors and people.

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