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Why choose this tour: this tour allows us, in a week, to visit the most important
places in the Marche region, including the most significant areas of artistic, historic
and natural interest.

Day 1
Arrival in the Marche region. Lunch: free time.
In the afternoon, tour of Loreto, famous for its
stunning Basilica which, according to tradition,
contains the house of the Virgin Mary. Return to
hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2
After breakfast, departure for Ascoli Piceno,
one of the most beautiful cities in the Marche, to
the south of the region. It is called the "city of a
hundred towers" as it still preserves several noble
towers of considerable architectural and artistic
interest. We suggest that, aside from visiting the
historic centre, you stop to sample some Olive
Ascolane, the typical stuffed and fried olives.
Lunch: free time.
In the afternoon, tour of Recanati, the village
where poet Giacomo Leopardi was born. We
can view all the places mentioned by the poet in
his works, such as the hill in l´Infinito, the town
square in Il sabato del villaggio and the tower in Il
Passero solitario. The tour also includes a visit to
Leopardi´s home, with a guided tour of the poet´s
library. In the late afternoon, return to Senigallia,
dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3
After breakfast, departure for Urbino. The day will be
devoted to the tour of the magnificent ducal city par
excellence, UNESCO World Heritage Site and seat of
the Duchyof Montefeltro. The most important works
by Piero della Francesca are on display at the National
Gallery of the Marche, in the Ducal Palace. Urbino
is also the birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio, known as
Raphael. Lunch: free time. In the late afternoon,
return to Senigallia, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4
After breakfast, departure for Gradara. Our tour of the
Middle Ages in the Marche continues with a visit to the
fortress that acted as backdrop to the most famous
love stories, such as that of Paolo and Francesca, as
told by Dante, and that of Sigismondo Malatesta and
Isotta. Lunch: free time. In the afternoon, transfer to
San Leo, formerly known as Montefeltro as it was the
capital of the duchy of the same name. Both Dante
and Saint Francis passed through here, but its main
claim to fame is having imprisoned Cagliostro in its
dungeons. In the late afternoon, return to Senigallia,
dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5
After breakfast, departure for Fabriano, famous for
its paper production. We will visit the historic centre
as well as the Paper and Watermark Museum, where
we can physically touch sheets of paper hot off the
press. Lunch: free time. In the afternoon, transfer
to Genga, with a visit to the church of San Vittore, a
quaint Romanesque building made of white stone,
followed by a visit to the renowned Frasassi Caves,
underground calcareous formations with their
brilliant show of colours that has been captivating
millions of tourists for years.

Day 6
After breakfast, departure for Macerata. Visit to
the town of the Sferisterio, a large and unique
open-air theatre; it is also the native town of
Father Matteo Ricci, the missionary who brought
Christianity to China. The town boasts a historic
centre rich in places of interest as well as one of
the oldest Italian universities. Lunch: free time. In
the afternoon, transfer to San Claudio al Chienti,
where we will visit the church that appears to be
a Carolingian fortress. Later, transfer to Fiastra,
where we can enjoy refreshments on the green
lawns of the Cistercian abbey of Chiaravalle.
Finally, we will arrive in Tolentino to visit the
beautiful cathedral of Saint Nicholas, patron saint
of the town. A short distance from Tolentino, we
can also visit Rancia Castle, a typical medieval
building. In the late afternoon, return to Senigallia,
dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7
After breakfast, check-out and departure for
Ancona, capital of the region and seaport. During
the guided tour, we will visit the churches and
symbolic places of the city and of the history of the
Marche region, as well as enjoying the spectacular
panorama of the Conero area. Lunch: free time.
In the afternoon, return to starting points.
WE SUGGEST: We suggest that you book the guided
tour of Senigallia by night one of these evenings
– the romantic town on the sea will enchant you!

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