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Day 1

Arrival in Loreto Aprutino, an important medieval hamlet that lies on a hill where the sight runs from the Gran Sasso Mountain to the Adriatic sea. Loreto Aprutino and its countryside are well-know for the production of an excellent Extra Virgin olive oil.

Accommodation in your reserved rooms in a wonderful renaissance palace turned into a comfortable 4 star hotel. In the afternoon, visit to a local farm in the nearby for an extra virgin olive oil tasting.

Day 2

Today you will move towards the main uplands of Abruzzo, quite reaching the borders with Molise region: the Piana delle Cinque Miglia Upland, an area which has been devoted to sheep farming for centuries, situated along the ancient Tratturo (the wide roads the shepherd walked on with their flock, which led from Abruzzo to Apulia during seasonal moving called Transumanza).

Visit to Pescocostanzo, a fine artistic centre, situated in the area of the most charming plateaus in the core of the region. Defined as Abruzzo’s handicraft capital, Pescocostanzo is a small village surrounded by green woods and amazing uplands, whose historical centre is still preserved as a refined jewel, as well as its well established handicraft tradition: goldsmith´s art, wrought iron and artistic lace. Free time for lunch, or on request in a typical restaurant in the nearby. In the afternoon visit to Sulmona, birth-town of the Latin poet Ovid and place where in the pre-Roman age the famous “Confetti” were made for the first time (almonds covered with sugar). Visit to the architectonic complex of the palace and the church the Ss. Annunziata, the St. Panfilo Cathedral, the Medieval Aqueduct and the churchof St Maria della Tomba.

Day 3

Departure after breakfast towards southern Abruzzo’s countryside. Visit to the Castle of Roccascalegna, one of the most striking places in Abruzzo, which lies on a steep rocky slope, overlooking the surrounding villages. Many are the legends about this fort, where in the past several bloody landlords and ghosts lived. Free time for lunch.

In the afternoon visit to Guardiagrele, one of the most interesting art town in Abruzzo, lying on the eastern side of the Majella mountain chain. Since ancient times, Guardiagrele was well-known for its handicraft tradition, in particular for goldsmith´s art, wrought iron and copper.

Last but not least, you will taste in a famous confectioner´s shop the famous "Sise delle Monache", typical pastry filled with fresh cream. 

On the way back to the hotel, stop in a wine cellar for a wine tasting of best Abruzzo DOC Wines. Abruzzo wine production includes 3 main wine types: the dark red wine, the so-called Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, with a very strong taste, usually paired with meat dishes; the Cerasuolo, a light red wine, which derives its name from the dialect “cerasa”, that means cherry, because of its brilliant red colour. It is a fresh wine, very pleasant in summer. To conclude the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, a fresh and fruity white wine, mainly accompanied by fish specialities.

Day 4

After breakfast departure for the enchanting uplands of Campo Imperatore, at an altitude of about 1600 mt above sea level. This unique landscape was the main filming location for Sergio Leone´s movies, since many scenes of his Spaghetti Westerns were filmed here.

Stop in Fonte Vetica and free time for lunch. 

In the afternoon visit Rocca Calscio, for the visit of the evocative medieval fortress of Rocca Calascio. During the Middle Ages it was a watchtower and a bulwark, part of a great defensive system that aimed to protect the whole area of L’Aquila and the surrounding uplands. Some scenes of the movie Lady Hawk with Michelle Pfeiffer where shot here, in particular the ones dealing with the magician.

Day 5

Breakfast in hotel, departure to Lanciano, one of the most interesting and ancient artistic towns in the region, with the majestic cathedral of St. Maria del Ponte, the church of St. Maria Maggiore, and the church of St. Francesco, well-known all around the world because of the so-called Eucharistic miracle.

In the afternoon visit the so-called Costa dei Trabocchi. The Trabocchi are a sort of pile work huts made of wood, used in the past for fishing. Many of them are scattered along the coastline, anchored to the rocks. Then you will move to the countryside to visit one of the most striking panoramic point of the Region: the complex of the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere.
The church devoted to San Giovanni was built on the ruins of an ancient Venus’ pagan temple. The Romanesque style of the architecture is enriched by decorative elements of the Byzantine tradition.

Day 6

Breakfast in hotel and departure.

What´s included

  • 5 nights b&b in a 4* hotel
  • 1 wine tasting
  • 1 extra virgin olive oil tasting

What´s not included

  • Entry tickets
  • Tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Any other service not mentioned in “What´s included”

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