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Experiencing nature – idyllic Mountain lakes, lush Mountain pastures, green forests and the legendary Dolomites will guide you through three Nature Parks during your hike. Not without reason, were the Dolomites declared a Natural World heritage site. As a preamble to the hike, you are greeted by Lake Prags “Pragser Wildsee”, in whose crystal clear waters the whitewashed walls of the Seekofels Mountain, are mirrored. All those who believe that nothing more can top this experience, be well advised that high above Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites you can view and glance over some of the most striking summits. The Cristallo Group of Mountain peaks; the Pinnacle on Mount Tofane and the summits around the Fanes Mountains, all wrestle for the attention of the observer. Finally, we will introduce you to the splendours of Sexten, the valley of the mountain climbers and mountain guides. Naturally, an excursion to the “Drei Zinnen” cannot be left out, the encompassing hike around the celebrated trident promises fascinating impressions of the Sexten Mountain ranges of the Dolomites. Finally, we will introduce you to the splendours of Sexten, the valley of the mountain climbers and mountain guides.

Characteristics of the route

This is an easy and accessible hiking tour through well-marked trails. It is suitable for anyone in good basic physical condition and climbing experiences are not necessary.

Highlights and places of interest along the route

  • The Dolomites – UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site
  • Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park
  • Dolomite Ampezzaner Nature Park
  • Sexten Dolomites Nature Park
  • Mountain Lakes: Pragser Wildsee, Misurinasee
  • Mountain Pastures at high altitudes: Plätzwiese, Nemesalm
  • Cortina d’Ampezzo, the pearl of the Dolomites
  • Massif Rock Features: Drei Zinnen (Three Peaks)

Tour programme

Day 1: Arrival in the Hochpustertal/ Pusteria Valley (Niederdorf/Toblach)

Individual arrival at the hotel in Pusteria Valley (Toblach/Niederdorf).

Day 2: Hochpustertal – Prags Valley – Plätzwiese/Prato Piazza; ascent: approx. 800 m in altitude / descent: approx. 800 m in altitude / approx. 5-6 hours or Variant: ascent approx. 800 m in altitude / descent 0 m in altitude / approx. 4 hours

Your hiking holiday starts with a short transfer to the idyllic “Pragser Wildsee”, which fascinates the sightseer with the crystal clear turquoise waters of the lake. Here you get a first impression of the Prags Valley; with its dark-needled coniferous forests and the whitewashed walls of the mountain rocks it counts to the pearls of the Dolomites. Through the alpine pasture “Rossalm” you reach the high plateau of the “Plätzwiese”, over which the mountains “Dürrenstein” and “Hohe Gaisl” sit majestically. Beside calm and nature you encounter here also a panoramic view: In the vastness you can see the mountains “Cristallo”, “Tofana” and the world-famous “Three Peaks”.
Leisurely walkers have the possibility to choose a shorter variant for the first stage, at which they are taken to the guesthouse “Tuscherhof” and start their walk from there. Following the river “Stolla” they pass the guesthouse “Brückele”, the homonymous hut “Stolla” and “rock paintings” (cases of erosion, which are produced by the constant influence of water and the different composition of the rock) to reach the “Plätzwiese”.

Day 3: Plätzwiese – Strudelkopf or Dürrenstein; ascent approx. 350 m in altitude / descent: approx. 350 m in altitude / approx. 3-4 hours or ascent: approx. 800 m in altitude / descent: approx. 800 m in altitude / approx. 4-5 hours

Starting point of today’s stage is the alpine pasture “Plätzwiese”, which together with the mountains “Hohe Gaisl” and “Kreuzkofelgruppe” counts as the most treasured and revered hiking areas in the country; the charismatic magnetism of the unusual flora and natural lakes, have an enthralling charm on the discerning visitor. The bizarre and fascinating fables according to legends of the ancient tribes of Fanes Empire are relevant here.
In the Nature Park “Fanes Sennes Prags”, the largest nature park in the Dolomites, you can make your choice between two options. Starting at the “Plätzwiese” depending on the variant you reach either the “Strudelkopf” (short variant) or the “Dürrenstein” (longer variant). Both options offer you a spectacular view on the “Hohe Gaisl”, the “Three Peaks”, the “Tofana” and the “Monte Cristallo”.

Day 4: Plätzwiese – Knappenfuss Valley – Gemärk/Cimabanche – Cortina d‘Ampezzo; ascent: approx. 0 m in altitude / descent approx. 500 m in altitude / approx. 2 hours or Variant: ascent 650 m in altitude / descent: approx. 1425 m in altitude / approx. 8 hours

You hike through the “Plätzwiese” and descend through the Knappenfuss Valley to the “Gemärk/Cimabanche” – the frontier between South Tyrol and Belluno. Here are two possibilities to continue: either the direct path to Cortina d’Ampezzo or the longer variant to the hut “Ra Stua” and under the “Col Rosa” to Cortina d’Ampezzo. Your today’s destination, the former Olympic city, impresses with its unique location in the middle of famous Dolomite peaks.

Day 5: Circular track; Cablecar Faloria

Long variant: ascent approx. 300 m, discent approx. 1175 m / approx. 5 hours

Short variant: ascent approx. 75 m, discent approx. 975 m / approx. 3-4 hours

The panorama of the starting point of this stage is quite simple and stunning. The giant rocks of the Ampezzo Dolomites reach into heaven; the “Monte Cristallo” and the “Cristallogruppe”, the “Tofana” and the “Fanesgruppe” are the leading actors of this spectacle.
Today the program includes a circular walk in the deep circular valley, surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery of the “Tofane”, the “Sorapis” and the “Cristallo”. Let yourself be enchanted by the natural beauty of the fascinating environment of the impressive Dolomite peaks.

Day 6: Cortina D’Ampezzo – Lake Landro/Dürrensee – Drei Zinnen (Three Peaks) – Rifugio Auronzo (hut); ascent: approx. 1000 m in altitude / descent: approx. 100 m in altitude / approx. 4-5 hours or ascent: approx. 350 m in altitude / descent: approx. 350 m in altitude / approx. 3 hours
A transfer will take you from Cortina to Lake Landro/Dürrensee. From here you will hike through the Rienz valley to the world famous Three Peaks.

The Three Peaks, important war scenery during World War I between Italy and Austria-Hungary, probably are the most known rock formations in the Dolomites. An easy hike takes you further on to Rifugio Auronzo hut and by bus you go back to your hotel in Toblach/Niederdorf.
For who prefers to take it easy that day there is the possibility to take a direct bus to Rifugio Auronzo hut (ticket approx. Euro 6.50). From there you will make the round tour of the Three Peaks and take the bus back to your hotel in Toblach/Niederdorf again from Rifugio Auronzo hut.

Day 7: Niederdorf/Toblach – Sexten – Niederdorf/Toblach; ascent: approx. 575 m in altitude / descent: 975 m / approx. 6 hours

The last stage of your hiking holiday takes you to one of the most beautiful side valleys of the Pustertal, to Sexten. Before that, you arrive to Vierschach/Versciaco, where the cable car takes you to the mountain “Helm”. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view to the Sexten Dolomites. The huts “Hahnspiel”, “Sillian”, “Klammbach” and “Alpe Nemes” are further stops before you hike to Kreuzbergpass/Passo Monte Croce. You will get back to Niederdorf/Toblach by bus/train and enjoy you last night of your tour in the Dolomites.

Day 8: Departure

Individual departure or extension of your stay.

Minimum number of participants: 2

Inclusive services; self-guided tour

  • Accommodation in good quality hotels of a 3*** or sometimes  4**** star category
  • Breakfast buffet or full breakfast if you have booked half board: minimum of 3 course evening meal
  • Personal tour information
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • Tickets for transfers according to the program (cable-car, bus and trains)
  • Well planned routes
  • Detailed documents (maps, route description, places to visit, important telephone numbers)
  • Telephone service hotline for the whole tour (German, Italian and English speaking)

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