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The resort where the spas meet India, just 45 minutes from Venice, designed for those who love well-being, sport and Ayurveda. The benefits of the oriental disciplines are associated with those of the thermal mud of Abano Terme in the Oriental Thermal Spa at Hotel Metropole. Immersed in a park of 33,000 square meters where wellness paths continues with four thermal pools, fitness and jogging areas, tennis, mini golf, quiet places for meditation and yoga surrounded by nature. A unique atmosphere focused on the perfect balance between spas and ancient oriental disciplines, with holistic medicine and Ayurveda in synergy with spa treatments and rituals.

Mud and thermal water: from nature two allies for health and beauty. Mud brings with it the ancient story born in the splendid setting of the Euganean Hills. The ripe Thermal Mud D.O.C. (or Bio-Thermal Clay) that derives from it with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, comparable to those of some drugs but without side effects, it is a precious ally of health and beauty and certified at European level.

Key Features

  •     Accomodation: 4 Star Superior Thermal & Wellness Hotel
  •     Meal Plan: Full Board
  •     Duration: Week-end or 7 Nights Programs

Other information

Yoga & Spa

Thermal water, clay, yoga. A perfect mix of thermal wellness rituals stimulating the metabolism and eliminating toxins, andYoga lessons suitable for beginners, experts or lovers of gentle movement. The lessons are designed for the maximum benefit at each level to completes the spa therapies. Healthy nutrition and fresh food for dynamic and light vital energy. The Yoga & Spa experience can be short for those who want to test the program or have little time or for a week if you want visible and lasting results.

Some of the most important benefits:

– general improvement in the state of health;

– greater calm and concentration;

– muscle toning and improvement of joint mobility;

– regularization of body weight;

– greater vitality at all ages

Flexibility & Antistress program

The effect of mud therapy is amplified by Ayurvedic healing products that are applied to the body during mud therapy and dissolved in the thermal bath and during Ayurvedic treatments. A single application with a surprising result. The effect is a sense of general well-being and an extraordinary body-mind balance.

– Meeting with the doctor

– 6 Applications of Ayurvedic thermal mud

– 6 thermal baths with Ayurvedic essences

– 3 Deep cleansing treatments: Ayurvedic body peeling 50 min, Ayurvedic facial cleansing 50 min, deep foot peeling 25 min.

– 3 Oriental massages of 50 min according to medical prescription: Anti-stress Massage, Tibetan Bells and gong baths, Shiatsu, Noad Phaen Boran, Abyangam Kerala with Pindaswedanam, Midhiabyangam Kalari, Stone and Crystal Therapy, Shirodara, Abyangam Shirodara.

– 1 yoga lesson per day included during the weeks dedicated to yoga (during the other periods individual lessons are possible).

Intensive Ayurveda program

The program includes a week of treatments, internal and external body purification with rebalancing on the mental level. You will feel more relaxed, with a positive and creative mind, a light and toned body. The high professionalism of the medical team and therapists guarantees a deep and lasting result over time. The program begins with a meeting with the doctor and Ayurvedic advice to allow maximum personalization of the treatments.

1st day

Deep cleaning:

– Oriental head and face (face cleansing)

– Ayurvedic body peeling

– Deep Ayurvedic foot peeling

Respiratory cleaning:

– 2 Inhalations

– 2 Aerosols

– 1 Sinusitis mud

Highly detoxifying meals

2nd day

– Ayurveda thermal mud

– Ayurveda thermal bath

– Abyangam Kerala treatment

3rd day

– Ayurveda thermal mud

– Ayurveda thermal bath

– Stone and Ayurvedic crystal therapy

– Shirodara

4th day

– Ayurveda thermal mud

– Ayurveda thermal bath

– Abyangam Kerala treatment with


5th day

– Ayurveda thermal mud

– Ayurveda thermal bath

– Foot reflexology

– Abyangam Kerala 4 hands treatment

6th day

– Ayurveda thermal mud

– Ayurveda thermal bath

– Elixir Shirodara

Remise en Forme program

The remise en forme course is a program designed for those suffering from disorders associated with stress, sedentary life and needing an energy recharge.

– 6 applications of Mud Health Plus (Bio Thermal Clay)

– 6 baths in dynamized thermal water enriched with aromatic hydro essences

– 4 Deep Tissue Method® Massages 25 min

– 2 Oriental massages: Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage 50 min

– 4 treatments to choose from: Volcanic body peeling, Peel & Relax treatment for men, Thermal or Delicate facial cleansing, Intensive Age facial treatment for men, GB mud treatment for refreshing legs, Anti-stress facial treatment

– Health herbal tea

– Group gymnastics in the thermal pool from Monday to Saturday

Medical advice is mandatory to establish quantities and methods of application

treatments thus ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Health Plus program

A path selected for its effectiveness on the musculoskeletal system. A sludge cycle induces an increase in antioxidant defenses and a protective action on cellular metabolism. Each session of the Salute Più program includes 3 individual treatments per day and 1 hour of group activities.

– Application of Ripe Health Plus Mud (Bio Thermal Clay)

– Bath in dynamized thermal water enriched with aromatic hydro essences

– Deep Tissue Method® massage 25 min

– Health herbal tea

– Group gymnastics in the thermal pool from Monday to Saturday

Medical advice is mandatory to establish quantities and methods of application

treatments thus ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Around the World Tour Program

A sensorial exploration for travel lovers, for those who want to try new experiences, get to know their body better and discover a renewed vital energy through specific treatments from different countries of the world.

– 1 Most Emotional Mud Muscle relaxant GB with thermal bath (Abano Terme) 50 min

– 1 fruit gelatin peeling (Italy) 50 min

– 1 Ayurvedic massage (India) 50 min

– 1 Shiatsu (Japan) 50 min

– 1 Jasmin Therapy Massage Experience (Egypt) 80 min

– 1 Hot Stone Therapy (USA) 80 min

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