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This is a walking tour through the main squares and street markets of the city centre where you can sample the best street food in Palermo. Along the walk, you will discover places that real Sicilians know, such as bakeries and old inns. Each stop has been selected to offer you the most authentic street food. The group will be of maximum 10 people in order to let you enjoy the walk and interact with your local tour guide. This tour is not just food! Itineraries are designed to offer a complete overview on the history, arts, food and traditions of Palermo. Tour guides provide historical information on the monuments and churches visible along the walk and share the most intimate secrets of local cuisine and habits. With this tour, you will have the chance to discover the hidden artistic gems of the markets, not always easy to find otherwise!

Itinerary: Piazza Verdi, Capo food market, Sant’Agostino market, Vucciria market, Piazza San Domenico

What´s included
- 3 hr Licensed tour guide service
- Food samples: chickpea and potato fritters, sfincione focaccia, spleen sandwich, aperitive with cheese and olives, dessert (cannolo or gelato)
- Drinks: 2 drinks (beer or wine)
- Souvenir: food passport

Evening tour

Itinerary: Piazza Verdi, Olivella district, Vucciria district, Old port La Cala

What´s included
- 3 hr Licensed tour guide service
- Food samples: fine bruschettas or cookies, sfincione focaccia, chickpea and potato fritters, improvised challenging night specialty (spleen sandwich, veal intestine, bacon rolls)
- crostino with bechamel and ham, ice cream
- Drinks: 1 beer, 1 sparkling wine


Please note: The itineraries run through the narrow streets of the old town for a total length of 2 km and group tours do not cater for gluten free options.  Vegetarian option available upon request in the morning tour.

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