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The Amalfi coast is a natural paradise, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.
Perhaps its beauty is given by the colours: it looks like a splendid white, green, pink and yellow balcony suspended over the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian and the blue of the sky. Or maybe it´s for the scent of lemons or for the suggestive arrangement of the houses. Or for the stories that this place can tell, through its people, its buildings and its stones. The Amalfi Coast, called the "Divine", is a living and exciting land where intellectuals, artists and writers fled from Europe during the war, finding refuge and inspiration here, such as Impressionist painters or the famous Dutch graphic artist Escher.
They came here from every corner of the world, to savor the authentic pleasure of a simple and genuine life. Walk from Amalfi to Sorrento in 8 days.

Tour Program

Day 1
Arrival in Amalfi

Welcome to the Amalfi coast.
After a first walk in the city, we recommend visiting the Paper Museum, one of the last paper factories with still functioning machinery. A very interesting little tour that shows how paper was made from rags.
Overnight in Amalfi.

Day 2
The Lemon Trail
7km, 3h, +380m -380m

The Amalfi walk begins: after breakfast you will reach Maiori by bus, which has a very long beach surrounded by characteristic citrus-cultivated terraces. From here you will follow the ancient road that connects Maiori and Minori, in the past one of the busiest streets of the Amalfi Coast, especially thanks to the cultivation of lemons.
From Minori starts a long staircase - the most challenging stretch of the day - that will lead you to the hamlet of Torello di Ravello (224 meters above sea level), where the Church of San Michele Arcangelo stands, dating back to the first decade of the 10th century.
The last steps are downhill and lead to Atrani, the smallest Italian town with more than 800 inhabitants, separated from Amalfi by the rocky peak that houses the Ziro Tower.
Overnight in Amalfi.

Day 3
Ravello and the Valle dei Mulini
8km, 3h, +150m -500m

This morning you will reach Ravello by public transport, a town perched 350 meters above the sea, known as the "City of Music" because of the festival that takes place every year. Among the many attractions of Ravello, do not miss the magnificent Gardens of the eclectic Villa Cimbrone, from which, strolling among rare species of plants, statues and fountains, you can admire one of the most spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast.
Today´s first section leads to the ancient Scala and its contrade. The town, called the Lioness of Amalfi, was the acropolis of the Amalfi Republic, sharing with it the honours and adversities.
From Scala you will continue along a stretch of roadway to the picturesque village of Pontone, from where you can reach the Ziro Tower with a detour. The Tower is a striking defensive structure, like others along the coast, and a place of imprisonment for Joan of Aragon, guilty for having loved a man of lower rank. From here you will enter the natural reserve of Valle dei Mulini, surrounded by splendid rocky mountains and rich in water, that made the flour-producing mills operational until the 19th century. The valley is populated by many species of animals and preserves colonies of very interesting plants, which grow undisturbed from far off times.
Overnight in Amalfi.

Day 4
Via Maestra dei Villaggi
6km, 3h, +60m -590m

You will begin a beautiful walk from Amalfi among gentle ups and downs and some steep ascents, crossing the hamlets of Lone and Pastena. Then the trail climbs between carob and arbutus trees up to a thicker Mediterranean scrub and evergreen oaks. The many steps will be rewarded by the extraordinary views of the immense blue sea. Following the Via Maestra dei Villaggi, the ancient path that connected Amalfi to Agerola through small villages, you will reach the ruins of the Castle Lauritano, an incredible balcony on Amalfi.
Overnight in Agerola.

Day 5
The Path of the Gods: from Agerola to Praiano
10km, 3h, +150m -550m

After breakfast you will walk in the narrow streets of Agerola, reaching the hamlet of Bomerano. From here you will meet the famous Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei), which offers breathtaking views overlooking the sea. At the junction for Praiano, continue downhill following the long stairways. And besides the maze of alleys, stairways and houses in pastel colors, you will notice numerous votive shrines decorated in majolica and present everywhere in the village. They are one of the characteristics of Praiano as testimony of the noble families who built them in the past to ask for divine protection and to reaffirm ownership over that area. After reaching your hotel, enjoy one of those that are considered the most romantic sunsets on the Amalfi Coast.
Overnight in Praiano.

Day 6
The Path of the Gods: from Praiano to Positano
10km, 4h, +490m -490m

Enjoy an hearty breakfast as you need a good dose of energy in the morning to climb up the stairs and reach the pass of Colle Serra. From here you will resume the Path of the Gods until you reach Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano. Continuing on asphalt for a short distance you will then reach the hamlet of Montepertuso, then proceed downhill with your eyes towards the sea and reach Positano, the most "photogenic" town of the Amalfi Coast.
Return to Praiano using the public transport.
Overnight in Praiano.

Day 7
From Positano to Sorrento
12km, 3h, +180m -400m

After breakfast, transfer to Termini, the last inhabited village on the Sorrento coast. From the small town square, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and Capri.
Before starting the journey to Sorrento, you can try an easy detour (about 6km, 1 hour of walking, elevation gain +240-240) along an easy and flat path that runs alongside the sea on one side, and small vegetable gardens and olive groves on the other, and heads to Punta Campanelle.
Back to Termini, continue to Marina della Lobra, a characteristic fishing village whose houses overlook a beautiful staircase that leads to the sea.
Finally, the last steps will lead you to your final destination, Sorrento, "Where the sea glitters ...", as a famous Italian song by Lucio Dalla says.
Overnight in Sorrento.

Day 8

After breakfast end of services.

Tour programme variations
Due to organizational reasons, weather conditions or provisions issued by local authorities, the itinerary may be subject to some changes before and/or during the holiday.
Along the way you may find temporary deviations (for example road works) which cannot be foreseen; in this case each biker can decide autonomously how to deal with these stretches.

What´s included

  • 7 nights with breakfast
  • Luggage transportation hotel to hotel
  • Private transfer day 7
  • Information package
  • Smartphone offline GPS app
  • Phone assistance 08:00-21:00

What´s not included

  • Flights
  • Transfer IN and Transfer OUT
  • Meals and drinks
  • Entrance fees and tips
  • Public transport (about €12,00)
  • Hotel tourist taxes
  • Travel insurance and anything else not listed as Included

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