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Private arrival in Forli, where you will find the Welcome Bag with Travel Detail, Tour Book, general tourist information of Romagna. Capital city of the province, Forlì is a beautiful Romanesque city.
Availability of a telephone briefing, where we will recommend some typical restaurants.

Free dinner


Forlì preserves significant traces of both the Romanesque and Renaissance periods, which saw Caterina Sforza the undisputed lady of the city.
The presence of a rich patrimony of the rationalist period of the twenties and thirties is also remarkable.
City of art, therefore, but not only. It is home to an important university campus with prestigious faculties, a multi-purpose center of regional value, the Fabbrica delle Candele, dedicated to creativity and youth training.

In the historic center, the two main roads of Roman origin are recognizable, divided into the four main courses, Mazzini, Garibaldi, Diaz and della Repubblica, which converge on Piazza A. Saffi. Some of the most representative buildings of the various city periods overlook it: the Romanesque basilica of San Mercuriale with the imposing original bell tower of the XII century, the Town Hall, seat of the Town Hall, dating back to the XIV century and remodeled several times, with the Civic Tower (or Clock Tower), the fifteenth century Palazzo del Podestà and Palazzo Albertini, home to interesting exhibitions and the twentieth century Palazzo delle Poste, an example of the architecture of the Twenties of which we find significant traces also in the buildings of Viale della Libertà and Piazzale della Vittoria, near the railway station.
The domination of the Ordelaffi family over the city, for about two centuries, meant that Forlì was enriched with noble palaces that can be admired walking along the streets of the historic center, in particular Corso Garibaldi and Via P. Maroncelli. To Pino III Ordelaffi we owe the fortification of the Rocca di Ravaldino completed in 1480, today named after Caterina Sforza.


KM: 28
Ascent: 250 mt
Difficulty: easy
Luggage transfer
Free Dinner

FORLI / CESENA along the Via Emilia. The ancient Roman road that connects the entire Emilia-Romagna region will be the main theme of these first stops between the Forlì and Cesenati hills. It is here that you will meet places and villages of great historical and cultural interest, without forgetting what is the Romagna lifestyle: good food.
The route will cross the Via Emilia up to Forlimpopoli, then go up towards Bertinoro to reach the splendid historic center. The countryside around Bertinoro will reserve us an expanse of vineyards with some of the most important and dry Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana wineries. To visit the CA DE BE’ (house of wine). Continue downhill to Cesena, a splendid Malatesta city with a visit to the ancient library (the oldest in Europe), Piazza del Capitano and the various monuments.

One of the most important art destinations in Romagna, Cesena is also a must for lovers of good food and good wine. The Malatesta rule granted the city a period of remarkable splendor and gave the city invaluable cultural, architectural and artistic riches that are still visible. The place of international importance that it occupies in the agri-food sector and its gastronomic traditions place it among the most significant destinations of the Romagna hinterland.
Cesena is an interesting destination throughout the year. Among its art treasures, the Malatesta Library, considered one of the most significant examples of Italian fifteenth-century library, is unaltered as it is for visitors from five centuries ago. Due to its extraordinary relevance it was included in the UNESCO heritage as "Memory of the World".
Cesena owes its Malatesta rule to its Malatesta Fortress, one of the most imposing in Romagna that can all be seen from its stands, with the "court" and two central towers: the "male" and the "female". The mysterious walkways inside the walls, the battlements, the ancient prisons and the display of jousting weapons are certainly fascinating.

KM: 45
Ascent: 1,000 mt
Difficulty: difficult
Luggage transfer
Free dinner

CESENA / SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA. We will leave the Via Emilia to go to the Cesenati hills (theater of the famous Gran Fondo 9 hills). Through roads with little traffic we will arrive first at Sorrivoli (very beautiful village), to go to Sogliano sul Rubicone. This village in the hills of Romagna is famous for the Fossa cheese that we recommend to taste. From here the descent will begin to Santarcangelo di Romagna, an ancient Malatesta and medieval village, wonderful to stay and taste the real Romagna cuisine at SANGIOVESA, a wonderful restaurant that belonged to Fellini.

The ancient medieval village is located on the Via Emilia 10 km north of Rimini and 20 km south of Cesena. The beaches of Rimini Nord and Bellaria Igea Marina, which is 13 km away, can be reached in a straight line from the sea.
There are many reasons why it is worth discovering Santarcangelo: for its strong Romagna identity and the atmosphere of a large village marked by a proper rhythm of life, for its architectural beauty made of noble palaces, town houses, alleys and squares which gave it the title of City of Art, for the international events that animate it no less than the country festivals full of aromas and flavors.
Every moment of the year is an opportunity to plan a visit to the town and enjoy its places. Lying on a soft hill, called Colle di Giove, the typical structure of the fortified medieval village that characterizes it is still clearly visible today.

KM: 45
Ascent: 800 mt
Difficulty: medium
Free Dinner

SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA ROUND TRIP. Today´s stage will take you to the hills and castles of Montefeltro. Precisely San Leo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and a medieval castle where Cagliostro was confined. To get there, visit the Borgo di Torriana and, if you like, Verucchio, the last home of Tonino Guerra, screenwriter of F. Fellini.
Wanting to make the tour easier we can plan a visit to Rimini (all plain) or, of equal intensity, San Marino.

San Leo, marvelous capital of art, mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy, is the fulcrum of the historical region of Montefeltro and is the city that gave it its name. Known for its historical and geopolitical events, location for films and documentaries, a tourist destination of excellence, it is the precious pearl guarded by the province of Rimini.
When to go and what to see
The extraordinary conformation of the place, an imposing rocky boulder with sheer walls has determined, since the prehistoric age, the double military and religious value, evidenced by very valuable artifacts.
All the mighty defensive apparatus, which is accessed by a single road cut into the rock, seems to be an extension of the supporting boulder, up to the highest point of the spur where the Fortress of Francesco di Giorgio Martini stands ( XV century).
The city was once called Monte Feltro, from Mons Feretrus, a name linked to the important Roman settlement built around the temple consecrated to Giove Feretrio. It was a constant object of contention, until it was finally conquered in 1441 by the young Federico da Montefeltro, who severely opposed the Malatesta in the domain of the Marecchia Valley.
It hosted people like Dante and San Francesco d’Assisi, who here received the Monte della Verna as a gift. Devoted to the Papal State in 1631, it became a harsh prison where, among others, the Conte di Cagliostro (1795) and Felice Orsini (1844) ended their days.

KM: 36
Ascent: 200 mt
Difficulty: easy
Luggage transfer
Free Dinner

SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA / CESENATICO. The stage that will resume for a while the Via Emilia and then through the lowland countryside, will take us to the Adriatic sea. Along the way to Bellaria, we will meet different mansions and places of culture that belonged to Pascoli and other poets, writers from Romagna. We will flank the Uso river and after having met the sea in Bellaria (Raffaella Carrà´s town), we will cross Gatteo Mare to reach Cesenatico, the Leonardesque port and the splendid seaside village with the square of herbs. We will stay in a splendid residence right in the historic center where in the evening it will be wonderful to walk and enjoy the many seaside venues.

In the picturesque old town, which harmoniously approaches modern urban structures, you can still breathe the atmosphere of the ancient fishing village. The soft sandy beach sloping towards the sea, with its equipped establishments, and the hinterland, with the two large parks, are just some of the distinctive features of Cesenatico. Its Giardini al Mare are very frequent, a long green strip where you can sunbathe while walking in peace.

Its origins date back to 1302, when the port channel was dug and a fortress was built to defend it. In 1502, Leonardo da Vinci designed the Porto Canale, still the town´s pride. On 2 August 1849, Garibaldi sailed from this port with Anita and two hundred followers on fishing bragozzi for besieged Venice. In the oldest part of the Porto Canale, the Maritime Museum with historic boats bears witness to the maritime identity of Cesenatico. Not far away, you can admire the rooms of Casa Moretti, with everyday objects and the original writings of the great protagonist of twentieth-century literature.
The town is very popular with cyclists for the specialized services it offers and for international cycling events that take place especially during the spring. While throughout the summer it is particularly frequented by families for the calm and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes it.

KM: 44
Ascent: 200 mt
Difficulty: easy
Luggage transfer
Free Dinner

CESENATICO / RAVENNA. All the way to Ravenna, the provincial capital, a Romanesque city that preserves the remains of Dante and has a remarkable architecture with a spectacular historic center. We will get there through maritime towns such as Cervia and Milano Marittima, along pieces of road that alternate from the sea to the countryside through the famous Saline di Cervia. In Ravenna we recommend a visit and dinner at CA ’DE VEN (home of the Passatore wine).
Ravenna is a city full of art and culture. It is the city of the mosaic, an ancient city, elected for three times the capital: first of the Western Roman Empire, then of the Gothic Kingdom under Theodoric, and finally of the Byzantine Empire in Europe.
The magnificence of that period has left a great legacy of monuments: there are eight buildings that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
The city preserves the remains of Dante Alighieri and keeps its memory alive with important events. The evocative "silence zone" in the historic center preserves the tomb of the Great Poet, the Quadrarco of Braccioforte and the Basilica of San Francesco. Throughout the month of September in these places celebrations and spectacular events are held in honor of the Great Poet.
In the silent halls of the Classense Library are visible relics of Lord Byron and of many other important historical figures who stayed in the city. The Risorgimento Museum houses engravings, documents, objects of the Risorgimento and memories of the Garibaldian story in Ravenna and of the cult that derived from it.

RAVENNA. After breakfast, departure for your destinations. End of services

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