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A guided tour in Bari will give you an insight of the history, the culture and the architecture hidden in Bari old town, which isn´t well known yet, but certainly rich in traditions and unique settings.

This walking tour (about 3 hours) will show you the incredible Bari old town with narrow streets, typical houses, churches and palaces that testify the city´s past and culture.

From Ferrarese Square, nowadays an evening meeting point, and walking a few steps from the sea, you will get to the majestic St. Nichola´s Basilica, know its history and legends and discover the living together of the Catholic and Orthodox faith, whose celebrations are held on the two floors of the basilica.

Among the scents coming from the houses´ kitchen, you will arrive at St Sabino Cathedral, a magnificent example of Apulian Romanesque art.

The tour will end with an overview of the castle and a visit to the so-called "road of orecchiette", where there are ladies making orecchiette (typical ear-shaped pasta) throughout the day.

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